• AWESOME Dynamic Connection Rod

    Limited sagittal and frontal freedom & axial compression 
    in a range with safety and good functionality
    Hybrid construct
    Semi-rigid with rigid fixation capability
    Load Transmission
    Shift and share the loads
    Simplified Procesure
    No need of complicated pre-assembly
  • NOVA Minimally Invasive System

    1/4 Tube Design
    ♦ provides better in-situ view for minimally invasive surgeries
    ♦ enables multiple screws implantation in one small incision
    ♦ improves surgical feasibility on extreme lordotic curvature
    One Piece Design
    simplifies surgical technique without tube installation
    Compact Tools and Simple Technique
    shortens surgical time and improves surgical efficiency


  • Pedicle Screw System

    Enhanced Stability
    Full Range of Screw
    Reduction Ready
    Safe Traceability

  • Connection Rod

    One-piece Design

    Enhances stability

    Simple Tools

    Hands on fast

    Diameter 5.5-6.0

    Maximizes capability

  • Occipital Plate

    OC Rod
    left right marked
    One Piece Design
    stability enhanced
    OC Plate
    anatomical fit capability
    3.5 System

  • Multi-Axial Screw

    top loading, easy for rod insertion
    Wide Angulation
    40 degree of medial lateral and 80 degree of cranial caudal
    Reduction Ready
    side craving for reduction tool
    Self-tapping, Self-drilling
    shorten surgical time
    Colorized Screw Heads
    easy identification