• AWESOME Dynamic Connection Rod

    Limited sagittal and frontal freedom & axial compression 
    in a range with safety and good functionality
    Hybrid construct
    Semi-rigid with rigid fixation capability
    Load Transmission
    Shift and share the loads
    Simplified Procesure
    No need of complicated pre-assembly
  • NOVA Minimally Invasive System

    1/4 Tube Design
     provides better in-situ view for minimally invasive surgeries

    enables multiple screws implantation in one small incision improves surgical feasibility on extreme lordotic curvature
    One Piece Design
    simplifies surgical technique without tube installation
    Compact Tools and Simple Technique
    shortens surgical time and improves surgical efficiency


  • Pedicle Screw System

    Enhanced Stability
    Full Range of Screw
    Reduction Ready
    Safe Traceability

  • Connection Rod

    One-piece Design

    Enhances stability

    Simple Tools

    Hands on fast

    Diameter 5.5-6.0

    Maximizes capability

  • Anterior Cervical Plate

    Colorized Screw
    easy identification
    Thin Plate
    2.0 mm
    anatomical fit
    C Ring Design
    locking capability

  • Occipital Plate

    OC Rod
    left right marked
    One Piece Design
    stability enhanced
    OC Plate
    anatomical fit capability
    3.5 System