BAUI is the transliterations of two Chinese characters, which means fortune. However, if translated apart, BAUI is to take all of the customers, employees, and resources as treasure, and with all of them, we fulfill people’s wishes.

Since 2009, BAUI has started the spinal medical devices supply. We offer the most state of the art and the safest products for surgeons and the maximum benefits for patients. The main products include cervical and lumbar fusion systems, stabilization systems, and Minimal Invasive System.

With the 30-year manufacturing experience and its own testing laboratory, BAUI is able to embody the promising vision from the R&D team and offer innovative spinal devices with superior quality. Our elite and professional team with relevant medical backgrounds ignites the innovation, motivation, and the insistence on the quality and stability of the spinal devices and services.

BAUI’s mission is to develop and provide the most state of the art, the best-quality, and the safest products and BAUI’s vision is to brighten the postoperative lives of patients and devote ourselves to the society worldwidely.


See the light in others.

BAUI always shows consideration for the needs of customers and patients by heart and are flexible with customers’ opinions. We value our bond with customers and establish strong relationship with them with sincere communication and services.

The fire inside us is brighter than the fire around us.

The insistence and perseverance on the pursuit of the best are as stiff as bones. The elite and professional youth team with relevant medical backgrounds ignites the innovation, motivation, and the insistence on the quality and stability of the products and services. The non-stop research and development of our own team are always doing their best to strike the balance between innovation and security of the products.

Be a fountain of the society.

BAUI is always doing its job as a fountain to project hopes to the society. Our mission is to water peoples’ lives and make them blossom on the basis of human health. With our own factories, we are always watching closely not only the quality of the products but also the handling of the waste to make sure we make the society internally and externally friendly.

Plant a seed of BAUI, and your life will regenerate.

With the hope of brightening the postoperative lives of patients, BAUI, the newly founded company, with sturdy growth, will be keeping devoting ourselves to the society with sincerity and keeping offering the guaranteed medical devices on the basis of regeneration.

Quality Assurance

Every single employee in BAUI is the guardian of the quality with the strictest standards. Therefore, all of the products are certified by International standard-setting organizations such as ISO13485, GMP, and so on. The provision of the best-quality and safest products is the promise that we will always keep to the customers.

Eminent Service

Service lies in the moment BAUI puts ourselves in the position of customers with our sincere heart. The needs of the customers are always the priority and thereby we listen to their opinions with humility and care. Consequently, the trust of the customers lies in BAUI’s amiable and eminent services.

Customer Priority

Customers are more like family than partners to BAUI. Employees are our fortune’s right and customers are the left. Hence, we cherish every chance to work with the customers and endeavor to meet the need for the maximum benefit of them.

Pursuit of Excellence

BAUI always shoots for the moon because even if we miss, we will land among stars. “Stay hungry, stay humble.” is what we bear in my on the way of excellence pursuit, which continuously broadens our horizons. With the humility, we see what we can do better in the competitive market. With the responsibility and motivation of challenging the innovation, we see how we can makes peoples’ lives better.

Sustainable Business

In ocean deep, our faith of providing the most reliable products with the best quality will stand. To BAUI, it is important that every employees is given the chance of learning and the chance of shining themselves so that we can always challenge ourselves and give devotion to the society. On the basis of honesty and trust, we maintain the long-term relationship with not only the customers but also the society.

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